ESB #BigEnergyHack



The goal of the Big Energy Hack is to discover and explore innovative customer solutions for a low carbon future. Join a bunch of creative and innovative minds for 48 exhilarating hours of invention to challenge the current energy status quo in Ireland. To help trigger your imagination we will be providing you with real datasets, insights and mentorship throughout the event.


Empower Customers to be more Energy Efficient in their Homes

Enhance the e-car Driving Experience

Improve the Reliability and Quality of the Electricity Supply



1st €5,000

2nd €3,000

3rd €2,000

And there’s more

Those with ground breaking creations and concepts may also have the opportunity to bring their idea to the next level at ESB’s Innovation Hub, X_Site.

Partners Include

MIT Intel
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MIT Firmwave2
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MIT Emutex
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IC4 Logo
Microsoft logo