As a global company, Wave2Wave is the innovator in the network connectivity industry through engineering, manufacturing and customer service processes. Since 2003, Wave2Wave design and manufacture fiber optic, high speed copper and RF connectivity products and cabling bundle solutions. Our revolutionary Automated Fiber Management and Robotic Optical Engine systems combined with our connectivity products and solutions serve the mission critical needs for data center, telecom and enterprise applications.

Our market is driven by business and consumer’s thirst for high speed data in increasingly mobile work and life styles. Our products make reliable connections between networking and data storage equipment. In a large scale data center, the connections are among 100s and 1,000s of servers and switches. Wave2Wave provides both end to end infrastructure cabling solutions and sub-components to our partners’ systems. We sell branded products to end user customers as well as private label products and technology to key market leaders and strategic partners.

Wave2Wave refreshes the traditional cabling industry with technology, innovation and manufacturing capabilities. Our products are “built to measure”, “built to suit” and tailored to customers’ specific projects and deployments. With our own ISO-9001 certified factory, we design and manufacture high quality products cost effectively and bring the best value to our customers.