Nuwave Sensors

NuWave Sensors design and manufacture smart air-quality sensors that continuously monitor airborne contaminants; our range operates in industrial and commercial environments where the stability of air quality is essential and rapid diagnosis of contamination events are crucial.

NuWave clients include healthcare facilities, manufacturing, food processing and cleanroom environments as well as research and environmental monitoring.

NuWave’s technology enables customers to:

  • Rapidly detect air contamination events and prevent future instances.
  • Monitor and analyse air quality data continuously and remotely using NuWave’s cloud based software platform.
  • Implement a low cost, wireless, non-invasive solution resulting in the reduction of overall air contamination production risks and expenses.

As well as solutions for commercial and industrial applications NuWave has modified technology developed for the healthcare sector and introduced this to the consumer market to monitor indoor air quality for home environments, detecting indoor pollutants which can cause illness and allergies.

NuWave Sensors is a team of world-class scientists, engineers, designers and business professionals creating the future of connected sensor technology. NuWave’s research and manufacturing base is in Dublin, Ireland.