“We provide progressive, internationally compliant IoT hardware and ODM development and integration services with back-end IoT and M2M data analysis.”


Neosfar is a vertically integrated Internet of Things solutions provider specialising in cellular, short range wireless and satellite products and solutions. We design and

manufacture products which provide data access in fixed and mobile environments and offer design and development services to clients who wish to develop reliable,

internationally certified M2M and IoT devices. We provide product customisation services and provide remote device management, back-office integration and analysis of large

footprint real-time and non-real time IoT and M2M data.

Our in-house product line consists of:

  • A multi-antenna outdoor grade single enclosure router, which provides cellular connectivity up to LTE (EU and US), Wi-Fi up to 802.11 ac, GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou & Galileo) and 1 x hard wired gigabit Ethernet port
  • An LTE ready, quad band ruggedised vehicular telematics device
  • A ruggedised LTE ready quad-band asset tracker
  • A Blue Tooth Low Energy (BTLE) surface mount module and SDK

Our services cover:

  • Custom IoT M2M product development
  • Carrier/Regulatory certification analysis
  • Product manufacturing, test & logistics
  • Back-end office integration of IoT and M2M devices
  • Real-time and non-real-time IoT and M2M data analytics

Our HQ is located at DCU Alpha in Dublin, with offices in Minneapolis and San Diego in the US.