Endotronix was founded in June 2007 by a cardiothoracic surgeon, Anthony Nunez, MD, and a mechanical engineer, Harry Rowland, PhD. Both co-founders had family members who suffered from CHF, driving them to invent a more humane and effective way to care for and improve the quality of life for CHF patients. In launching the company, Endotronix licensed two patents from NASA for ultra miniature wireless sensor designs and subsequently made a breakthrough innovation, patenting a new type of wireless sensor reader.

Following this invention, the co-founders were introduced to Luxemburg Capital’s James Hummer, a successful healthcare entrepreneur who shared Endotronix’s vision to deliver improved clinical outcomes while reducing the cost of care. With Luxemburg Capital’s leadership and investment, Endotronix expanded its development efforts in pursuit of commercializing groundbreaking technology to deliver a better patient experience and a lower overall cost of care.


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