ENBIO is the inventor, and trustee, of a remarkable technology called CoBlast., which offers industry the potential to redefine the performance, function and value of metals across all sectors. We are a young and vibrant company, operating as a trusted partner in some of industries most regulated and demanding markets, developing and delivering next-generation solutions to meet ever increasing material challenges.

ENBIO’s fundamental focus is the development and commercialisation of its patented surface enhancing technologies., offering two routes to engage with clients:

Turnkey production of CoBlast Skins to meet client needs

Licensing of ENBIO technology OR of collaboratively developed proprietary technology

ENBIO offers clients the ability to quickly evaluate the potency of the CoBlast technology  via its rapid sample production process, or through structured collaborative evaluation studies.  Generally, the client identifies the chemistry of a required skin, whilst ENBIO focuses on and enables the practical delivery of such CoBlast chemistries.

Please contact us to discuss your specific challenges and requirements.