Demetra is an Irish company that acts as an agent for Italian Renewables Technologies and provides project management for its implementation. Each project and client have unique requirements: our skill is to find the most efficient solutions from the thriving Italian Renewable Technologies market.

Our core expertise is Biogas and our experts have partnered with many Italian suppliers to design and construct anaerobic digesters that have been used by farms and co-operatives, food processing facilities, waste water treatment plants and at stand-alone organics recycling centres. We have been recently involved in developing a gassification and pyrolysis process fuelled by different industrial by-product streams.

Our R&D team works in collaboration with a number of European Universities and we are currently applying to four different Horizon 2020 calls with two different consortiums, developing a network that is constantly moved by passion for improvement and clever design on one side and proven reliability and robust performance on the other.
We aim to deliver a final plant that is carefully assembled with the highest available specifications, the most modern designs, and the most efficient yields to make it not just a Renewable Energy Product but also a good business opportunity.