Cancer Trials Ireland

We are one of the leading cancer research trials organisations in Ireland.

We work with the foremost Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncologists, as well as Haematologists and Research Specialists (Oncology Research Nurses, Translational Scientists, Data Managers, Pharmacists and staff) in Ireland. 98% of all cancer treating specialists in Ireland are members of Cancer Trials Ireland.

Last year we enabled, supported and oversaw the running of over 150 trials involving thousands of patients.

In addition, our members had 13 articles published in peer reviewed journals, 28 abstracts published and addressed some of the most highly regarded international cancer conferences.

Since we were established in 1996more than 15,000 patients have participated in over 350 cancer trials.

We work closely with local investigators, international collaborative groups such as ECOG, NRG, ANZUP and global pharmaceutical companies.

While the vast majority of the trials in our portfolio are carried out in Ireland some trials extend to Europe. One such example is NeoAEGIS which has participation from research units in the UK, France and Denmark.

We are a not-for-profit registered charity.

We are partly funded by the Irish Cancer Society and the Health Research Board (HRB). We also receive greatly appreciated donations from members of the public.

In addition we generate over half our income from the cancer trials services we provide to pharmaceutical companies and international research groups.

Our everyday functions include planning, opening, co-coordinating, supporting, monitoring and auditing cancer trials in Ireland.

We provide training, facilitate co-operation between all professionals working in the area and support the development of cancer trials research units around the country.

We set policy and champion the opening of more cancer trials in Ireland through engagements with key stakeholders both in Ireland and internationally.


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