See Shimmer Research Discuss How They are revolutionizing Clinical Trials with their Wearable Technology.


Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Shimmer Research President Geoffrey Gill to introduce their wearable sensors that help streamline clinical trials. 

Shimmer Research has been a leading provider of wearable wireless sensor products and solutions since its foundation in 2008. As a pioneer in the industry, Shimmer is committed to pushing the boundaries and driving the future development of wearable wireless sensing. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices around the world, Shimmer provides customized sensor development services, volume manufacturing, and complete wearable sensor solutions of any complexity. Shimmer’s technology and services have been employed by thousands of researchers globally.

Verisense is the company’s latest platform that was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of clinical trials. The initial product in the Verisense line is a general-purpose motion sensor that can be used to study everything from activity and sleep to complex musculoskeletal or neurological conditions, such as dystonia, epilepsy, or Parkinson’s. 

Gill says that Shimmer Research’s revolutionary wearable sensors can help streamline clinical trials in a big way. He explains, “With wearables, we’re able to monitor people in the clinical trials and measure objectively how they are doing. Are they limping more or less? Are they more active? Are they sleeping better? We can do this twenty-four-seven throughout the whole trial, so we get a much more accurate picture of how the patients are actually doing. That allows you to potentially reduce the number of people in the trial. Instead of three-thousand people, you might only need fifteen-hundred people. That cuts the cost of a trial in half. Plus, it makes it a lot faster because you don’t have to recruit as many people. So it can really change clinical trials.”

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