Clever telephony integration from Intellicom helps directory services provider survive and thrive

11890 have slashed operational costs by 600 per cent and reduced call handling times by 30 per cent

Dublin, Ireland, Monday 26th August, 2019:  Business telephony and contact centre provider, Intellicom today announced the completion of a telephony integration project with directory services provider,11890.  By integrating Google indexed business data with 11890’s hosted contact centre platform, the company has been able to transform its operational cost base and provide better call quality to its business customers.

The integration project has yielded operational cost savings of almost 600 per cent and reduced call handling times by 30 per cent, boosting call centre agent productivity and improving customer experience.

Since 2008, Intellicom has provided the hosted contact centre functionality that powers 11890’s directory enquiry business.

The development work provides one-click search and retrieve functionality between 11890’s enquiry dashboard and Google My Business and allows agents to send the requested information to callers by either SMS, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or direct phone transfer connection.

Google My Business is an index of self-administered and verified contact information for businesses.  It represents an ideal fit for 11890 as over 80 per cent of calls it receives are related to business number searches.

11890 agents can now handle more calls on a daily basis with the result that agent productivity has soared.  Customers receive an improved service with faster response times and more accurate telephone information.

“With minimum financial investment, we’ve been able to leverage some really clever technology from the Intellicom team that has resulted in powerful business outcomes,” explains Sandra Maher, COO with11890. “We needed a technology solution that would involve deep integration with our hosted PBX and tightly align to the search workflows for our directory enquiries staff.  The Intellicom solution achieves this for us without breaking the bank.”

11890’s contact centre platform is powered by Intellicom’s Intune.  It is one of the most advanced multimedia contact solutions on the market and can function as a stand-alone system or integrate with existing telephony systems from other vendors. Intune is scalable for larger volume contact centres or smaller departmental-level helpdesks.

“We’ve managed to leverage 11890’s existing contact centre technology to deliver the functionality they require,” explains Cian Maher, CTO with Intellicom.  “The development work, while intricate, time-consuming and tricky in parts, enhanced their hosted PBX technology and delivered real service innovation, helping to futureproof 11890 and keep it relevant in a market which has changed unrecognisably.”

Since its establishment in 2013, Intellicom has built a very successful customer base across business and contact centre customers.  It has a particularly strong footprint in retail, travel, business services and insurance sectors.