Shimmer Wins Two GHP International Life Sciences Awards for its Wearable Sensor Technology

Shimmer Research, a global leader in wearable technology for research applications, today announced that it has been honored with two GHP International Life Sciences AwardsBest Clinical Trials Wearable Sensor Technology Company USA, and Best Researcher Wearable Wireless Technology Provider 2019.

Shimmer was recognized for its Verisense™ wearable sensors platform, which was designed from the ground up for clinical research; its NeuroLynQ consumer neuroscience platform, which uses scientifically-validated galvanic skin responses (GSR) to monitor an audience’s emotional response to stimuli; and its Shimmer3 sensor platform, which records additional biometric measures, such as electrocardiography (ECG) and electromyography (EMG).

“For more than 10 years, Shimmer has been a wearable sensor leader in the academic and corporate research markets, most recently with our Shimmer3 platform,” said Geoffrey Gill, president of Shimmer Americas. “We are very grateful for the thousands of researchers around the world who have developed innumerable algorithms to interpret wearable sensor data. During the past two years, we have leveraged that experience to develop highly tailored offerings for the clinical research and consumer neuroscience markets. We are delighted to receive these two GHP International Life Sciences Awards for our wearable sensor technology. It is welcome recognition that we have ‘hit the mark’ with our new developments.”

Verisense was designed specifically to meet the specialized needs of clinical research, including improving data quality, while reducing burden on sponsors, sites and participants. Sponsors gain access to secure, raw participant data, which are validated using built-in algorithms. They also receive a dashboard that displays the status of the entire study at a glance, and allows drill down to individual sensors. Site setup takes five minutes and system alerts flag any issue that arises during the study in real time. Verisense sensors are also easy for participants to use; they can just put them on and forget about them. They can be worn all the time, even in the bath or shower, the battery lasts for up to six months, and data transfer is completely automatic. The Verisense platform can monitor up to seven sensors on a participant’s body, making it invaluable for studying complex musculoskeletal or neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy.




Designed for consumer neuroscience applications, NeuroLynQ allows an audience’s emotional response to be measured objectively in real time in a real-world setting using GSR. It has been used to measure audience reactions to events as diverse as the Super Bowl and a classical music concert. It can also evaluate audience response to new marketing or advertising material. It takes only a couple of minutes for audience members to learn how to put on the NeuroLynQ sensor and the platform can provide results from up to 45 people simultaneously in a format that is easy to use and interpret.

Shimmer’s wearable sensors have gained widespread market acceptance because they are easy to use, reliable, and provide high quality, validated data. The company also ensures that its technology continues to evolve to meet changing market needs. Underscoring the popularity of Shimmer sensors, they are also used by more than 20 original equipment manufacturers in their products and services.